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This year I took a deep dive into creating graphic tees. I can't imagine a more personal canvas than across someone's chest. My new Etsy shop, Art for Body and Soul is a place for casual tees, sweatshirts and open edition art prints.


This Tree of Life sweatshirt is one of my best selling offerings so far. After I was done designing the visuals on this top, I wondered what to write on it and "E Pluribus Unum" flew into my head. I admit, I had to look it up! It is the original Latin motto of the United States and it means, Out of Many, One. As we enter a new election cycle, I hope this message of unity will remind us of our collective roots. 

Visit Art for Body & Soul on Etsy and use the promo code WEBFRIENDS20 at check out to receive a 20% discount on anything in the shop! 

E Pluribus Unum, Tree of Life fleece sweatshirt

Use WEBFRIENDS20 to receive a 20 % discount on anything in the shop!

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