Tracy Marie Oliver

Tracy Marie Oliver

Another unique version of you.

Artist & Writer

Beyond a ceaseless exploration of color, texture, and medium, I view my art as a form of prayer during these pivotal times. 


Drawing on both personal and universal symbolism, I embrace the childlike and innocent in my paintings. Vintage glass glitters, natural crystals, and diamond glass create sparkle and iridescence to signify the miracle of life in our natural world.


Whether dealing with subjects like war…dwindling bee populations, or rising sea levels in an era of unpredictable climate change, I strive through my art to offer a shimmering celebration of community, hope, and endurance of the human spirit.

In addition to my studio practice as an artist, I'm a published writer. I live in the seaside town of Santa Cruz, California with my two cats.


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Awards & Museum Exhibitions

  • 2014 - 2015 -Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Rising Tides

  • 2007 - ArtSlant, Winner Mixed Media, Chaos Theory

Contact Me

2045 Alice Street

Santa Cruz, CA 94158

Tel/Txt: 925-640-0989

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