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Mystic Cities

The Mystic Cities series was inspired by a trip to Jerusalem and seeing the stunning enameled art throughout the ancient churches and temples. 


When I returned to the Bay Area, I studied enamel processes and set out to find a way to re-create the jeweled effects of fired enamel without a kiln. 

It has been a 19-year process experimenting with glass and crystal-infused polymers and gold leaf.  


View the Mystic Cities series

Nature & Abstracts

Whether viewing microscopic images of the human body, or macroscopic views of space, there is a pattern in nature that connects.

I spent the first 10 years of my life in the country where plum and apple trees still grew in the wild. My playground was 40 acres of meadows and 40 acres of woods that we called...Down Below.


The woman before us planted countless bulbs and perennials..lilacs, peonies...bearded iris. Each month of spring and summer brought a new wave of scent and color. 

Color is joy. 

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Night, far away from ambient light...above the electrical hum and the barrage of Wi-Fi, there is holy silence, the silence that speaks.


Growing up in the country with only the sounds of nature makes a person a natural meditator. I missed the language of silence after moving from our country home.


It was during a Prometheus meteor shower that I discovered night hiking.  I climbed to a mountaintop and watched the starfield on a boulder still warm from the sun. After midnight we followed the cow trails down the mountain under the moon. 


True silence in nature heals. At night even silence is amplified. 

View the Night series


I love exploring character and scene and figurative art is a natural extension of this. 

I fell in love with writing at age six, but didn't discover painting until my early twenties. Pictures would pop into my head and I felt a stir to see them in life. 

While writing came naturally, I discovered painting requires a complex set of skills that I wasn't born with. My art is a product of love and commitment. I approach each new painting with a beginner's mind.  

View the figurative series

The Chalice 

Both the phallus and the chalice show up a lot in my work. The phallus in the way of tall domed buildings, and the chalice in the way of crystal archways, and in the series receptacles for flowers. 

View the Chalice Series

A Grateful Feeling
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