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Apology and a Show

First off, I owe the handful of people who have started to follow this blog an apology. I’m sorry I haven’t written for nearly a month and a half. Especially after I made such a grand commitment to write a post every week.


It’s amazing what can change in a month and half!


I WILL write more later, but for now I’d just like to thank everyone for just being here.

I'll be showing work from my Chalice and Pollinator series at the Bottle Jack Wine Tasting Room in Westside Santa Cruz this First Friday May, 3 - tomorrow from 5 to 7.

The show will be up at the Bottle Jack and on the shop page of this site throughout the month of May.

This airplane is being built in flight and the e-commerce site is a work in progress.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took over hosting a wine group that now has about 850 members. I figured it would be a great way to meet new friends and make connections with the local wineries to show my art.

When I first saw this wine venue, I couldn't help imagine the possibilities. The light quality in Bottle Jack is perfect for displaying art and I was curious what a before and after might look like.



I need to tweak the spacing on a few pieces but this is the after. In a perfect world, I would have hauled in about 10 or 20 more plants but my car is a two-seater and I was amazed it held all this art!

This show celebrates mothers, yours, mine...and our Mother Earth.

To all the Moms and Grandmothers in the world, Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day.


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