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Lazy Girl Gardening: Save time and the planet with a backyard wildflower sanctuary

a painted triptych of a vibrant wildflower meadow under a pink sky.
40 Acres of Flowers

This piece, 40 Acres of Flowers is inspired by the country farm where I lived as a child…and a place in my mind that I’d like to create in the future. Mixed media triptych 36” x 36”

After winter downpours, atmospheric rivers, and bomb cyclones give way to spring showers it’s time to start thinking about spring gardening…or not. I have a wildflower garden in my backyard which is magnificently self-sufficient. Best of all it’s a haven for all manner of wildlife from bees and butterflies to a surprising variety of birds, squirrels, and other squirrel-like creatures. It also makes an inspiring art studio space in the summer.

a colorful backyard filled with lush wildflowers and a cat
Backyard Wildflower Sanctuary

The backyard is its own serene and balanced ecosystem that never needs sprays or fertilizers and it's wonderfully drought friendly. The only work I do is cut back the flower stems after they’ve gone to seed. I’ll also transfer flowering plants like hydrangea or dahlia from inside to outside after they have done their time beautifying the house. Except for a the house transplants, this entire garden is grown from seeds which made it easy on the pocketbook.


In addition to creating a haven of natural beauty for pollinators, wildflower gardens guard against soil erosion. As spring nears, creating your own wildflower sanctuary is a beautiful way to give Mother Nature and yourself a helping hand.


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