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Ideas I want to remember

This week, one of my first discoveries, or “Oh, I finally get it!” moments came listening to an interview with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series. My Sister gave me his first book before it became popular, even though she was kind of an atheist at the time. She has since changed her mind.

In the interview, Neale Walsch talked about the difference between the words, I want and I choose.

Oak Forest

I’ve been intrigued by the Law of Attraction movement along with a couple billion or so other people. Not the magic thinking aspects of law of attraction, but the notion that things change when we change our internal frequency or “bandwidth” connection. I think fiber optic light channels are an interesting metaphor for our own internal frequencies. (Some engineers might not think so.)

If you look at the colors around the moon, or the colors around a light bulb in a room full of steam, you’ll see that violet is the color that’s closest to the light. In the visible electromagnetic spectrum, violet has the highest frequency with the shortest wavelength. Red is the color that is most distant from the light “source” and it has the lowest frequency with the longest wavelength. There obviously is no such thing as a wrong color, it’s all good, but it’s interesting to note that the colors that are closest to the “source” are the highest frequency.

Getting back to “I want” versus “I choose” – There’s a lot of talk of wanting in the laws of attraction writings. Walsch points out that when we say, I want, that’s exactly what we create for ourselves. For me, when I say, I want, I get a hungry, yearning, vacant feeling inside. When I say, I choose, I get a – “time to get to work” – feeling.

I want to remember, I choose.


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