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The Formula for a Full Life

Updated: May 7

Could the formula for a full life be this simple?


1.     Follow your joy and excitement to the best of your ability

2.     Without regard to the outcome

3.     Watch for the synchronicities, or as one of my recent Airbnb guests put it, follow the breadcrumbs.


“The Formula” is provided by Daryl Anka who for over 30 years has channeled a being he has come to know as Bashar, a version of himself thousands of years in the future. Btw, In the future, he is an alien hybrid.


This is how far and wide one can travel on YouTube.


Bashar also says, Earth is no longer called Earth by then and we’ve moved all manufacturing into space stations to keep the planet “park like”.


Chalk this up to information. Take what you need and leave the rest.

I’m of the mind, we shall know a thing by its fruits. The Formula seems to be working for me, for the time being anyway. You can try it for yourself to see if it works for you.  

Step two is the challenge. Simple doesn't always mean easy.


Revising Commitments


I realize at the beginning of the year I made a commitment to myself and to readers to publish a blog post every Saturday. I don’t delude myself into thinking anyone is waiting with bated breath to receive my Saturday blog entry, but I do want to acknowledge that I haven’t honored that commitment.


I was influenced by a couple of factors. Chiefly, I didn’t have anything interesting to say.


I also heard an interview with Christian Sundberg who recalls his pre-birth memories and turned his blog entries into a book about it. He said, he only wrote a post when the Spirit moved him.


Speaking as someone who took seven years to finish her first book, it’s much nicer when the words flow.


I also had a lovely yoga teacher stay in my Airbnb room for a week on retreat while she practiced the discipline of silence. It may have rubbed off on me.


That said, I’m revising my blogging commitment to only write when I have something to say.


Getting back to the formula and following excitement…

This year I started hosting a wine group that now has about 800 members. I figured it would be a great way to meet friends in real life, and an opportunity to create partnerships with the local wineries for art popups.

I'd love to see the Santa Cruz Westside wine district become the Santa Cruz Westside art and wine district, and a destination spot for collectors.


When my co-host and I first met with the Bottle Jack Wine Tasting Room, I couldn’t help but be excited to see a a before and after transformation by simply adding living plants and original art. I arranged to show my work there in May.

a drab boring dingy room
Bottle Jack Wine Tasting Room Before Art


Flowers & Pollinators Showing at the Bottle Jack, Westside Santa Cruz

With spring and Mother’s Day and a bit of Father’s Day in mind, I staged the Flowers and Pollinators show. The opening was the First Friday in May, the day of the Santa Cruz monthly art crawl.

(A collector...and friend pointed out the spacing needs to be tweaked on a couple of the gallery wall images)


I used to sell fine art as one of the many sales jobs I held in my twenties. That’s how I first discovered my love for art in the first place. I was so passionate about the artwork and how some pieces were alive with energy it made it easy for me to communicate that to prospective collectors. I wasn’t sure about selling my own work though. While I've been painting in earnest for about 25 years, I only started selling in earnest since Covid and its an evolving process.


Thankfully, five pieces were already sold before I walked in the door. By the end of the reception there were seven red dots on the wall. Add to that, the Yoga teacher's thoughtful husband chose a piece for his wife before the show.

Thanks to The Bottle Jack, and everyone who came to Santa Cruz for First Friday. There were some valiant commuters from as far away as Mill Valley and Redwood City and I’m appreciative of everyone who made it Friday.


verdant garden with a frenzy of color and action
Creating a Space for the Divine Masculine

I’m especially pleased, this piece—Creating a Space for the Divine Masculine—was purchased by a patron with a gigantic heart for auction in support of the Boy’s Club of America.


This strikes me as perfect.

The Flowers and Pollinators show will be live at the Bottle Jack through May. Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Tasters is also hosting a private tasting at the Bottle Jack on May 9th.

Join us on Meetup for more Santa Cruz art and wine events.


Wishing You Peace and Happy Spring

















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