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Ripple Effects and Butterfly Wings

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

I was pulling out of the grocery store parking lot a few months back and I misjudged the speed of an oncoming SUV. The driver had to brake—hard. I was having a bad day and expected her to lay on her horn or call me some choice names. Instead, she gave me her best smile.


It was a small act that I doubt she even remembers. But I was both charmed and disarmed and I vowed to pay it forward. To this day, I’ve probably flashed my best smile at 50 drivers and pedestrians. Only a couple of them have looked at me like I’m crazy.


I read and listen to a lot of near-death experience (NDE) accounts. It may sound macabre. In my defense, I tend to fast forward through the death throes and the myriad of ways to die. Who knew dental implants could be fatal? I jump to the parts that provide insight into the big picture, some glimpse into what we’re doing here anyway.


One time, I posed that same question to the Higher Mind - why are we here? - An answer came back in a still small voice. “To help each other.”


I especially like the NDE life reviews. Sometimes the most celebrated acts are things we don’t even remember. One boy of about four went out of his way to carry a heavy pale of water to a wilted tree. In his life review, this was a really big deal.


I hope in her life review, the woman in the SUV sees what a wonderful ripple effect she created with her simple disarming smile.


To disarm. It’s an art.


Perhaps the world really can turn this was or that with something as thin and translucent as the wing of a butterfly.


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