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Season of Change

We've all heard it. Time is speeding up. Of course, when we're one or two years old, a year feels like an eternity. When we're 50 or 60, a year gets to feeling like a couple of months. Just the same, collectively we can feel a great change in the air, and more than that, in our living rooms...on our screens, in our hands.

For some, this might be about to get weird. For others, sacrilegious, or perhaps a bunch of hooey as my grandfather might have said. I am a student of a group of non-physical teachers, a group colloquially known as The Guides. They are part of an ancient lineage called Melchizedek. When I first came upon their teachings in 2018, it was like a key in a lock. Like I'd been waiting. I'm on book eleven. There is one more book coming to complete the series for a perfect twelve.

Their books provide guidance for the consciousness of humanity during transitioning times, like now.

The Guides say that anything that has been built in fear needs to be Prudence and discernment, they say are not to be confused with fear. Fear can express as a lot of things. Greed, selfishness, walls that keep the inside in and the outside out. They say we can tell a lot about a culture by looking at our borders. It's not hard to see that it's getting messy.

It's easy and therefore tempting to point our finger at the "They People" - The immigrants, the bankers, the corrupt food system that feeds the subscription pharmeceutical industry, the news media, the republicans, the democrats...the woke - I still don't really know what that word means, but it seems to be a constant in the zeitgeist. Let's see, where else can we point our fingers? The Christians, the new agers, the Muslims, the Jews, the illuminati, the deep state, the reptilians. Let's not forget the Chinese, and the Russians, and oh yes, the Americans.

As it turns out, there is no them. It's all us. That means we get to change things. We get to re-design all those systems built in fear into systems built in love.

The Guides say, revolution simply means turning, and they don't need to be bloody. I'm holding tight to those words.

We get to choose.


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